We are able to develop a project with turn-key function either for a complete plant or for a product. You give us your idea and we turn it in detailed parameters complete layout technical and economical field,so you will have all data in your hand to decide it in final.

The sectors which are involved and we are able to design,develop and create a full tun-key industrial plant are:                                                                                                   Chemicals (anodizing plant, waste water treatment plant,etc).                                     Cosmetics (homogenezing,mixing,blending,filling units, full production lines).           Hardware (Punching equipment in-line with loading and recycle sectors).                   Injection moulding production lines for all acrylics, moulds included.                        Automatic lines for production of silicon and rubber parts.                                        Automatic press units for production of hardware,moulds included.                             Automatic lines for production of high quality ceramic products.                                         We have our own trained staff to make all works from foundation till plant to be delivered with turn-key in hand.

You may ask us whatever you need in further via contact form and we will be pleased to reply you after receiving your message.