Welcome to Montglace

Montglace found in 2008 by an engineers team from different sectors of the industry.

In these years, we created new and valuable partnerships which ensure our ability to continue to improve our service to our clients at all times for mutual benefit. We welcome your visit in our network base and we will be glad to cooperate in your next business plan, just contact us. At the moment please check our website where you may already find a product or a service which is in your requirements.

About Us

Montglace found by a team of engineers which envolved in design and creation of many kinds of industrial projects.

Our engineers team may study, design and construct many kind of projects in different sectors of the industry,such as chemicals, automations, plants, OEM products and more.

We are in position to support your new business plan so to place it in the market, so do not hesitate to contact us for every idea or enquiry may you have in mind,it will be pleasant to share it together and prepare the right solution for it.

Glass Jars

For cosmetic treatments. Standard models and also new ones under clients request.

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Ceramic products

Ceramic decorative tiles and handicrafts. Existing designs & under clients request.

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Glass Bottles

For cosmetic perfumes, treatments. Standard models & also new ones under clients request.

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Plastic products

Plastic products for industry & retail. Existing models and new under clients request.

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Metallic products

Metallic parts made by aluminium,copper,iron and titanium oxide.

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Paper products

Paper boxes for retail market products. All enquiries from clients are welcome.

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Rubber products

Rubber products for many industrial and consuming products. Standard models but also new ones under clients request.

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Our Services
Contract Manufacturing

Every kind of products. Hardware,chemicals, cosmetics,plastic,rubber,etc. under contract.

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Research & Development

Development in chemical,cosmetic,punching, injection moulding, & rubber industries.

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Industrial Plants

.Engineering and chemical plants for many industrial sectors.

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OEM Design

We may design every kind of product according clients request with proper solutions from our side. High experienced & know-how technology knowledge..

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